The British TV Show 1958 - 1961

VERONICA BRAVO graced the British stage and TV screens as a freelance dancer for an all-too-brief period between the mid 50s and early 60s before she emigrated to the USA in March 1961.

Her bio includes:
1953 WISH YOU WERE HERE - Stage production at the Casino Theatre, London

1955 WONDERFUL TOWN - Ex Broadway Musical at the Prince's Theatre in London's   West End (opened February 1955

1956 - 1960 BBC and Commercial TV - includes her brief but memorable   appearances on COOL FOR CATS.

1959 (August) ITV - Val Parnell's Saturday Spectacular

1961 - 1964 USA - Sing along with Mitch

Veronica writes...

"COOL FOR CATS was fun, always fast paced, and nice to every so often be featured in one way or another. It was the first show that used dancers to carry a show, with the main selling point being the hit recordings used. Regrettably, I do not have any photos from the show, when I left England for the States I left most of my photos behind.

"I have one publicity-type photo from the late 50's, a similar one from my arrival in NYC in 1961 on the original Queen Elizabeth Ship. I spent the next three years of my life on "Sing Along with Mitch", a very popular TV program on NBC. It's main focus was a singing chorus of 25 men, and I think it was a group of 8 female dancers and our main function was to sway and smile a lot, and help those 25 male singers to move around and look good.
"Every so often we would get to dance or be featured in a song. Although there are a fair number of photos from that show, I don't look back on that show as the most artistically satisfying as a dancer, but it was steady work and financially rewarding.

"The day after that show ended in 1964 I got married. I did a few Ed Sullivan Shows after that but then stopped to have a family. I am the proud mother of three great human beings, and grandmother of two unique grandchildren."

Veronica Bravo c.1963

above:    Lady of Spain ('Sing Along with Mitch' - NBC, 1963)

left:    ITV Publicity Photgraph (UK c.1959)

far left:   When Veronica sailed to the States, it was on none less than Cunard's original liner: Queen Elizabeth. Not surprisingly, she attacted press coverage and no little attention from the crew!
(Press cutting 'Daily News', Wed March 29, 1961)

Veronica arrives in NYC 1961 aboard QE Veronica arrives in NYC 1961 aboard QE

left:  Veronica spent several years on NBC's
'Sing Along With Mitch'. Here is a
Christmas Special publicity photograph
with Veronica third from the left.

right:  Rehearsing the number "I Love a Piano"
Veronica with Victor Griffin.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Sincere thanks to Veronica for such reminiscences as memory will allow after 50-years. Can it really be that long ago that we watched with fascination those delightful dancers on our tiny black-and-white TV screens?...
... Yes, it can!

[All photos and quotes enclosed text - copyright Veronica Bravo, 2010]

Tragically, Veronica Bravo died in London on 13 July 2012 at the age of 75. Veronica was the wife of New York Radio WQXRís presenter Bob Sherman and a dear friend of Diversionís longtime contributing columnist, June LeBell. Veronica lived in Ossining, N.Y., as well as Sarasota. Our website describes her early career as a stage dancer in Londonís West End and on ITV. Later in her career, she went on to classical-music arts management and publicity.
Veronica will be remembered as a warm, elegant, gracious and dynamic woman with an irreverent sense of humour. She filled her home with plants and artwork, was a passionate animal-lover and a strong advocate for personal freedom of choice and human dignity.
We will miss her.